ITO ENGINEERING CO.,LTD.or ITO for short, was established in 1864. After its founding, ITO developed slow speed-high out-put engines as a pioneer of Diesel engine manufacturing and also built several types of engines as a Licensee of Sulzer, Switzerland for the A25/30 engines. In 1959, ITO began manufacturing rotary blowers using accumulated experience and technique. Since then, ITO has made continuous efforts toward developing efficiency in order to meet user demand via the technical progress. ITO blowers are famous around the world for minimal noise, low vibration and an impressive life-span, giving ITO a fantastic reputation with customers of various fields and backgrounds. 

Company Profile:

Established: June1864;

Registered: February 1944;

Register Capital:¥140,000,000

CEO:Tetsuya Shikishima 

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